Why HI Khukuris

I've had folks ask why we branched from AK furniture into quality Nepalese khukuris.  The answer is simple - both AKs and khukuris are incredibly rugged, dependable tools that may not be the most "pretty" things made but you can bet your life on them.  In fact, I got into the HI khukuris after so many board members on www.akfiles.com said over and over that HI khukuris are absolutely the best available.  So, in the fall of 2011, I bought my first HI khukuri - a massive Super Chiruwa Ang Khola.  Then I bought another ... and another ... and another.  They are addictive just like AKs as well!

While we started with HI blades, we began to realize there are other quality makers in Nepal to and began developing relationships with other groups to bring you a variety of offerings that give you more choice but still help put money into the hands of people who need it in Nepal.

What I found amazing is that the bladesmiths in Nepal (known as "kamis") are working in very primitive conditions forging these blades from salvaged truck springs (5160 alloy) and using basic hand tools and anvils.  Their methods have been handed down from grandfather, to father, to son for hundreds of years making differentially hardened, field serviceable blades.  The engineering, if I dare call it that, is so amazingly cool.  They figured out what worked and what didn't by trial and error over hundreds of years.  Each khukuri is unique and reflects the kami who makes it.  These aren't mass produced pretty knives rolling off a conveyor belt.  Instead they are extremely functional tools with a long proven history.  If you like reading about history, there are so many fascinating references on the Internet and books available!

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