Ronin's Tuned Khukuris

We are now actively buying both new and old khukuris and repairing or enhancing select models.  That section of our online store is organized to help you navigate to the section you want.

When we refer to a tuned khukuri, we have either gone through and done any touchups needed to address cracked handles or ill-fitting handles, sanded any protruding metal parts on the handle, etc.  The photos above are examples of our work thus far.

Please note that these are all custom products.  As we find khukuris and restore them, they are then listed here.  We are always interested in buying used quality Nepalese khukuris but they must be originals and not knock offs from other countries.  We will not buy junk tourist stuff and the rule of thumb is that if it is really ornate, it is probably made for tourists.  If you have something to sell, please email us at with a description and photos of what you have to sell.  We'll then see if we can work out a deal.

To see our products and place an order, please visit our store at:

Lastly, we regularly post photos and comments of our various projects on Facebook.  Please consider liking or friending us there at :
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